To be honest, I was apprehensive about leading a workshop for media people. It’s exhausting to be working every day, having to work day and night, especially during these tough times. I was determined to make their day as productive and pleasurable as possible when we agreed to conduct the workshop. 

I started with the basics, what cloud computing is and why it is the way of the future. I believe that presenting to media people is an important responsibility because if I deliver incorrect information on a topic, many other people will receive that information, which, though seemingly little at first,  might create confusion on complex ideas later. 

I spoke on how the knowledge of cloud computing is important for media people in terms of their career development and how media houses can benefit from it. There are representatives from online news portals. So, I demonstrated Amazon Polly and discussed its benefits. Polly can be a very useful service for online media. Polly integrated on their platform, they can cater to visually impaired audiences. Also, with a literacy rate of 67.91% in Nepal, not everyone can go through the information and resources provided by the platforms, Polly can also address those audiences as well. This can be a fresh thing for the media and benefits both the news portals and their audiences too.

We had some participants from media houses who had been looking for an alternative for Youtube to upload their creations and wanted to discuss services that could be useful in streaming and basically an OTT platform. I then talked about various AWS Media Services and did a demonstration on Amazon Kinesis Video Streams.

We also discussed ways AWS can be used by various broadcasting media and be benefited. The participants told me about aspects where they thought AWS could be used effectively and provided me with ideas as well.

Educating each other along the way.