• sudo apt-get update
  • aptitude install build-essential  or sudo apt-get install build-essential
  • On ubuntu run ./ . The file can be downloaded from
  • This will run through various steps to setup nagios on your machine.
  • Once you receive successful installation message you are ready to go.
  • point your browser to url http://nagios-server-ip/nagios and use username as nagiosadmin and password that has been set during installation
  • Hurray!!! Your nagios installation is complete.


If your wondering what separate packages make up the build-essential one, then open up a terminal & type..

gedit /usr/share/doc/build-essential/essential-packages-list

The contents of the build-essential package seem to rely on what the developers think are necessary at the time of building & what dependencies can be met. It could contain completely different software if installed on a distribution built for nothing but Python programming (for example).