From the 20th to the 22nd of August, Leapfrog Technology hosted an event called “Syntax 2021.” They invited a number of specialists to speak at the event, and I was one of the guest speakers. Many IT professionals from all over the world spoke on various topics, and I discussed AWS Machine Learning Services.

I began my presentation by introducing AWS ML Services. I explained to the audience how they may get started with AWS AI/ML. I demonstrated AWS’s ease of use and features. The distinctions between deep learning, machine learning, and artificial intelligence were discussed. I talked about how AI/ML works in the background. Artificial Neural Networks were also discussed. Then I went over the advantages of machine learning, its different types, and its future. Following this, we discussed job demand in AI and ML in the market.

Aside from that, I showed them a video of the Amazon Core MC Team so that they could gain a thorough understanding of the AWS team too. After that, I discussed computer vision applications, issues, and use cases. Then came the bit about Amazon recognition which piqued the participants’ curiosity. I then showed them a video of Amazon Go, followed by a live demonstration of face comparison. The session was well-received by the audience.

I was quite pleased with their level of participation and interaction during the session. We had tentative 500+ viewers.