We left Janakpur and headed toward Butwal. At Butwal, we had also arranged an AWS workshop for some communities. Janakpur had truly set the bar for an event and got me pumped for Butwal’s event as well. It was an open discussion session, where we discussed Business prospects, opportunities, scope, and the current status of the business. It was quite an interactive session, with different entrepreneurs discussing their businesses, business models, and current operations.

We also discussed our situation following the pandemic and how we are dealing with it.  It surely has been a difficult time for all of us. Then I went on to talk about cloud computing and Amazon Web Services.  I presented various AWS services and their use cases.  For entrepreneurs, even a small cut on the investment cost is a big relief.  AWS reduces TCO that many people are still unaware of. We also went onto demonstrate the services discussing how they help build scalable, secure, and highly available architecture.

Also, we discussed the AWS use-case for the E-commerce industry. All the technical and business requirements for an E-commerce system can be developed using AWS services with very small effort. I demoed Auto Scaling features and how they can be used to handle peak load. Giving examples of times during various festive offers, we discussed how it can prevent stress on cost and capacity. I also talked about creating a recommendation engine with Amazon Personalize. It was taken with great interest. We also demo AWS comprehend and discuss how it can be used to measure the brand social image by leveraging the sentiment score of the user review. 

It’s a great feeling to know that the information you’re disseminating is making a difference and easing someone’s burden.