Cloud Computing is quite a new concept in Nepal. It’s not been long that people have realized its benefits and started to use the services. As an advanced consulting partner of Amazon Web Services, Genese Solution has been supporting cloud computing, through AWS, for a while now.

Amid the first lockdown In Nepal, we conducted a lot of webinars, virtual workshops, and training. While organizing the activities, I discovered that many professionals are eager to learn about practical cloud usage and implementation.

Later, I decided to begin introducing the services and benefits to the working professionals of my circle as well. Seeing them interested, I had already planned to conduct this workshop before visiting Nepal. We had planned workshops for Entrepreneurs and Professionals. Glad the journey began from Janakpur. We had many professionals from various organizations for the event. Despite the short notice, several people showed up to learn more about AWS and share what they learned. It was such a pleasure to witness their eagerness to learn even though they had reached a certain level of success in their careers. 

In the workshop, we discussed various AWS services that can be useful to the working professionals, their use-cases on projects, and potential cloud computing employment. Demonstrations are the best part of any workshop for me. Watching people get excited about features and services is pleasing. Prajwal Adhikari, a member of Genese Cloud Academy, demonstrated EC2, S3, Lambda. We also demonstrated services like Lex, Polly, and Rekognition. Rekognition, as I have noticed, excites attendees in most of the beginner sessions. We also discussed the business advantages of these services and their pros and cons.

Cloud is truly a way to a brighter future. I’m glad I can contribute to make the world a better place in any small way.